This week’s focus is on the theme that the three scripture readings share.

Acts 11:1-18
In Acts, Peter, learns that things were changing and he needed to "not make a distinction between them and us." He felt God saying that the Holy Spirit was for all the world not just for the Jews. 

Revelation 21:1-6
The Revelation reading also talks of change and that things as we know them may change, fade, and pass away. 

John 13:31-35
The reading from John is also clear when Jesus asks His followers to love one that people would know them by their love as disciples of Jesus.

 Are we also called to do things in new ways?

Do people see your community as inclusive and has that changed over the years?

Weekly Inspirational Message


Come join us at Gordon Presbyterian Church, an inclusive Christian community located in the Burnaby Edmonds neighbourhood. We welcome people of all ages and walks of life, offering a place to worship and praise God among friends.

Welcome to our community of faith.