Welcome to our community of faith.

Our History

The Ladies Aid Societies have also been an active force in Gordon. In 1957, the original Ladies Aid became known as the Margaret Hall Circle, named after Margaret Philps’ mother who had been an active member. Through their efforts the Church has benefited greatly. Our beautiful stained glass windows are one of the many projects they have undertaken.

The Youth at Gordon have always been very important. Sunday School classes have been in operation since the beginning. For many years, the COC, Explorers and CGIT were very active. There has always been an active Youth Group.

Gordon has a rich heritage and the present congregation, through their efforts, concerns and vision are carrying forward the task of building God’s kingdom here on earth.

In November, 1911 a small group of people met at Morton Hall on Edmonds Street, Burnaby to organize a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. David J. Gordon, a student from Westminster Hall theological College was in charge. By 1912, a building was erected on 2 lots and the name was given “Gordon Presbyterian Church”. A new sanctuary was built in 1956 and due to the increase in the congregation a Christan Education Centre was added in 1974.

In the Narthex of Gordon is a pictorial history of the many ministers who have served this congregation. The longest minister to serve was Rev. George Philps and his wife Margaret. After 21 years, he retired in 1987. In April, 1988 we welcomed Rev. Charles Scott. Six months later, a fire broke out in the centre portion of the complex. For many months, while reconstruction continued, we held worship services at the Edmonds Community centre for the Retired. Many groups met in homes or other facilities. The fire did not dim the enthusiasm of Gordon’s congregation. In 2001, our present minister, Rev. Cal MacLeod and his wife Robin, joined our congregation to take us into the 21st century.

Missions have always been an integral part of Gordon Church. Mrs. Marie Douglas, wife of our retired minister, Rev. R. J. Douglas and mother of Missionary to India, Ellen Douglas, started the first Women’s Missionary Auxiliary in 1932.