Worship TEAM

The worship TEAM meets the first Monday of every month. The team is made up of the minister, the organist, representatives from Session, and members from the congregation. Their mandate is to facilitate and coordinate aspects relating to worship services.

Emmaus TEAM

The function of the Emmaus TEAM is to inform congregational members of our Church’s local, national and international mission objectives.

The responsibilities of this function are to educate and encourage members to participate in the church’s missions. The responsibilities are three-fold in nature:

  • To organize, promote and co-ordinate missions and out reach projects in the local community. In past years, this has included the “Blue Jeans” project where Gordon Church supplied good condition used jeans to the homeless outreach at the Burnaby Resource Centre; the “Everyday Basics” project where Gordon Church supplied soaps, shampoos, towels, face clothes, toques, gloves, and other daily necessity items to the Resource Centre; and partnering with Morley Street School to help purchase non-budgeted items for grades K-1.
  • To inform the congregation of the work of the national church through Presbyterians Sharing.
  • To inform the congregation of the work of the development and relief program Presbyterian World Service and Development.

Nurture TEAM

This team meets monthly or as required, and its function is to nurture and care for the pastoral and social needs of the congregation. Training volunteers for visiting shut-ins is available.

Christian Education TEAM

Gordon Presbyterian Church offers a full array of Christian Education activities—Bible Studies for adults and youth, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and periodic guest speakers and other special educational events, both as a congregation and in collaboration with other congregations or the larger church.  Our vision is to provide fellowship and knowledge to support all in pursuit of a relationship with Jesus Christ, whether seeker, new Christian, or those seeking to continue to grow in grace.  We recognize that in today’s society, learning happens in a variety of forms and environments, using different approaches and tools. 

All of these activities are overseen by the CE Team on behalf of our Session.  This team meets approximately 5 times per year to review CE programs, opportunities to optimize or expand CE programming, and address issues that may arise.

All programs are offered within the oversight framework of the Church’s Leading with Care, which is configured to ensure that those in positions of influence within this program have appropriate training and that appropriate safeguards are in place for all participants.


Welcome to our community of faith.